Xaos.: I did upgrade from my old PC last year though. May 16, 2021 3:06:06 GMT
Legion: Well that trailer aged poorly May 15, 2021 7:18:41 GMT
Xaos: @ Legion: Yet another reason I need to upgrade from my ten-year-old PC. Mar 23, 2019 17:26:28 GMT
Legionnaire: Mar 22, 2019 7:32:10 GMT
Xaos: And posted. Feb 26, 2019 2:28:20 GMT
Narg: dice Feb 25, 2019 5:17:02 GMT
Narg: potence diec Feb 25, 2019 5:16:58 GMT
Silk: Hey guys,
Long time no chat (busy life urgh)
I assume you'vee all heard about the whole Tender app thing right?
Feb 23, 2019 12:41:16 GMT
Xaos: @ Narg: Quick clarifying question before respond in the thread: is Luz spending a BP for an extra Strength die or spending a BP to convert her passive Potence dice into automatic successes on her roll? Feb 23, 2019 0:59:24 GMT *
Narg: like an entire sabbat!! Feb 17, 2019 1:17:07 GMT
Narg: The whole sabbat is here Feb 17, 2019 1:17:00 GMT
Narg: Whoa Feb 17, 2019 1:16:55 GMT
Xaos: You could pick Ava's investigation thread back up. Feb 14, 2019 18:10:45 GMT
Chi-Ki: With that. I have no idea where I would even start Feb 14, 2019 9:30:11 GMT
Xaos: A wild Chi-Ki appears! :) Feb 14, 2019 2:52:18 GMT
Xaos: And another post made. Feb 13, 2019 2:10:32 GMT
Narg: It's been migraine central for me so I get stuff getting in the way Feb 9, 2019 5:34:57 GMT
Narg: cool jazz Feb 9, 2019 5:34:38 GMT
Lord Lucifer: Hey Narg :) Just working on a post. Sorry for the delay, the past week odd has been hell...really has, had RL drama I didn't need,luckily now resolved. Hopefully. Feb 9, 2019 1:51:20 GMT
Xaos: Made another post in R, R and A, in which Luz just made a pretty impressive roll considering how few dice she had for it. Feb 6, 2019 1:39:49 GMT *
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No New Posts Bethrezen Flats

The center of Oddhaven’s government has been renamed many times over the centuries, but currently bears the name of the first city mayor elected after the Forlorn Isles’ independence. Apart from the major historic buildings, most of the structures in this area are products of the twentieth century. Though eclipsed by the skyscrapers of the neighboring Towers and East Lakeside, most buildings here are tall enough to loom grimly over the streets below. The facades here have baroque elements that have been crumbling for some time; the product of several decades’ neglect in the city budget. The area’s central location translates into constant traffic, day and night.
Hunting Difficulty: 7
Domain Requirements: High Influence or Allies (city government, police, law or public safety related), Resources 3, Politics 1, Bureaucracy 1
Haven Benefit: Location
Landmarks: City Hall, St George’s Cathedral, Police Department, City Courts

6 23 Police Department
by Xaos
Jun 10, 2018 23:22:22 GMT
No New Posts The Towers

Sleek, modern skyscrapers crowd the skyline here. The streets are kept clean, despite the almost continual bustle of people in the area. Everyone seems to move with purpose and without patience. Even those who are obviously not here on business move in time with the area’s hectic pace.
Hunting Difficulty: 6
Domain Requirements: High Influence or Allies (corporate related), Resources 3, Finance 1, Bureaucracy 1
Haven Benefit: Security

2 20 Carson Tower
by Xaos
Jul 24, 2018 1:34:34 GMT
No New Posts East Lakeside

Skyscrapers are abundant in this section of the city. Even at late hours, people in business-formal attire are on the streets, talking into their earpieces, hailing cabs and wandering to and from meetings. The architecture here ranges form about a half-century in age to structures obviously completed last year, if not more recently. Banks, holding companies and other, similar businesses are especially prevelant.
Hunting Difficulty: 6
Domain Requirements: High Influence or Allies (corporate related), Resources 3, Finance 1, Bureaucracy 1
Haven Benefit: Security

1 1 District Information
by Xaos
Apr 22, 2018 15:08:08 GMT
No New Posts West Lakeside

Most of the structures here are broad and squat – two or three stories at the most – and faced with brick or beige stone. Broadcast antennas are common here as are thick tangles of heavy black cables, woven amongst the many buildings. The small patches of lawn here are neatly trimmed, and more than a few have lovely flowerbeds or elegantly sculpted hedges. Even in the middle of the night, these buildings seem well staffed.
Hunting Difficulty: 6
Domain Requirements: High Influence or Allies or Fame (media related)
Haven Benefit: Staff

1 1 District Information
by Xaos
Apr 22, 2018 15:09:39 GMT

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City Heart
The seat of mortal power in the Isles, the City Heart houses the Bethrezen Flats government sector, The Towers corporate sector, the East Lakeside financial sector, and the West Lakeside media sector.
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